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When to Use What Oil? The Ultimate Oil Guide


While most oils are versatile, each oil has its own kitchen specialty that will enhance your dish.

Olive oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil for roasting? Grapeseed oil or Avocado oil blend for frying? With all these amazing oils at your fingertips, you’ve got the perfect oil for every kitchen occasion. While most oils are versatile and can be used across the board, each oil has its own kitchen specialty that will maximize its best qualities and enhance your dish. Now, the big question is: When to use what oil? No more indecisively staring at your pantry wondering which bottle to grab. We’re going to break it down for you, one oil at a time. 


You’re making a balsamic vinaigrette dressing to accompany your beautifully fresh green salad. This is the perfect time to grab your very best Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and let its deep and robust flavors shine! The general rule of thumb is to use your finest EVOO, like our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gourmet, raw and unheated so it maintains its nutrient-dense profile and complexity of flavor. Think salad dressings, homemade mayonnaise, dips for your crusty bread, and finishing drizzles.


The secret to the most incredibly moist cake you’ve ever had? Nope, not butter. Olive oil! For baking cake, cookies and bread, this Mild and Light Olive Oil is ideal for achieving the perfect texture and flavor. It’s mild flavor (hence the name) camouflages and compliments any recipe, sweet or savory. And an added bonus? By swapping out butter for a mild & light olive oil, you’re trading out saturated fats for heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. In other words - healthy(er) baked goodies

Roasting & Grilling

Throwing some veggies in the oven to roast? Grilling a filet of steak? This is a job for our trusty Classic Olive Oil, or as we like to call it, our kitchen companion! A classic olive oil is ideal for roasting and grilling veggies, meat or fish, as it’s versatile in flavor but still adds an ever-so-slight nuttiness and depth to your dishes. 


Frying calls for an oil with a high smoke point - and we’ve got just the oil for you! With a high-temp resistance, a non-greasy texture and very mild flavor, our Grapeseed Oil is the ideal frying companion. Think some crispy fried chicken, golden-crusted eggplant parm, or crunchy vegetable tempura.


Want the perfect caramelized sear? With a higher smoke point than our pure olive  oils, our Olive Oil & Avocado blend is the perfect saute sidekick. It’s light yet bright flavor is ideal to enhance the flavor of everything from your seared steaks and braised fishes, to your veggie stir-fries.

What oils do you like to use for your favorite dishes? Share below!