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Bulletproof Coffee: Benefits And How To Make It


Olive oil is an amazing alternative for the preparation of this morning beverage.

The ketogenic diet (or low-carb, high-fat diet) is pretty trendy nowadays and so is bulletproof coffee. This morning beverage is typically made using coconut oil or butter, but olive oil is an amazing alternative (more specifically, La Española’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil ) for those seeking a fresher taste!

7 Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee

1- Energy

Bulletproof coffee can provide constant long-lasting energy without causing a hard crash (especially for individuals under a ketogenic diet/ fasting diet) - Since fat slows down digestion, the caffeine in coffee can be absorbed more slowly and provide a longer-lasting boost.

2- Weight control

Bulletproof coffee helps in the weight control process for individuals practicing a keto diet or fasting by keeping the body in the metabolic state of ketosis (burning fat as energy).

3- Rich in Nutrients

Black coffee contains several micronutrients such as niacin (vitamin B3) and potassium! - For example, potassium helps prevent cramps and helps regulate blood pressure. Additionally, olive oil in bulletproof coffee provides a stunning range of nutrients such as vitamin A, iron, calcium, magnesium, and it's also a great source of amino acids!

4- Satiety

Users of bulletproof coffee report that it makes them satisfied and full for much longer! - Olive oil contains a large amount of fat, which naturally promotes satiety.

5- Caffeine Benefits

Not only does it keep you awake, but caffeine also boosts metabolism and fat burning! - When you combine coffee with the benefits of La Española’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you get a powerful blend that provides a sustained energy boost and keeps you full for hours. Caffeine in Bulletproof Coffee also contributes to improved concentration, performance, and alertness.

6- Focus

One of the well-known benefits of bulletproof coffee is mental clarity. Besides caffeine, healthy fats, such as La Española’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil and especially early in the morning, help sharpen cognitive abilities. Ketones (produced when fasting for long periods of time or by eating a ketogenic diet) are an essential source of energy for the brain. It is beneficial for mental performance to replace carbohydrates with fats and enter ketosis.

7- Gut Health

The combination of coffee and healthy fats early in the morning can also support gut health and reduce inflammation! - Make sure to start your day consuming healthy fats to avoid a high insulin spike in the bloodstream (plus a mid day energy crash) and have instead a energized, productive day! 

How To Make It

Bulletproof Coffee is so easy to make, you only need to follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Brew your favorite coffee - anywhere between 10-12 oz is a good amount (basically a normal-sized cup of coffee).
  2. Choose your fats - you have a lot of choices when it comes to healthy fats; in this case, we recommend using La Española’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil. ​​A good ratio for making your bulletproof coffee is about 1 tablespoon of fat to 10-12 oz of coffee.
  3. Blend your coffee - we recommend adding your coffee with your chosen fats to a blender and process on high until creamy and emulsified. Then, pour yourself a warm serving of this nourishing caffeinated beverage, and ENJOY!

Bonus Step:

If you want to make your bulletproof coffee a bit extra, after you’ve chosen your favorite La Española healthy fat, you can also add your favorite herbs, supplements, or flavors! For example, Maca and Turmeric are excellent choices to boost the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of coffee and caffeine.

At its core, bulletproof coffee is an emulsified (blended) beverage of two basic ingredients: coffee and a high-quality fat. Give it a try this morning (or the next!) and let us know your thoughts! Did it help you wake up better? Did you feel a more consistent level of energy throughout the day? Did you feel more productive? Head to our Facebook and/or Instagram profiles and give us your answers.  We want to know!