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4 Podcasts All About Olive Oil


We’ve got something special for you here: 4 podcasts all about olive oil.

Podcasts are becoming a huge, even massive trend, people are listening more and more, and are always looking for recommendations for podcasts to listen to. So...following up on our popular blog post featuring inspiring podcasts about food, we’ve got something special for you here: 4 podcasts all about olive oil. The podcasts listed here include easy recipes, nutritional information, health facts, how to taste and select olive oils, fascinating history and much more. Olive oil is a captivating subject!

1) Gastropod: “Green Gold: Our Love Affair with Olive Oil”

Gastropod never fails to put out fascinating podcasts no matter what the topic. You can find their engaging episode about olive oil in podcast apps. The episode covers fun facts about olives, and takes the listener to visit two olive groves to learn about different varieties of olives and growing practices, and lots of interesting history mixed in, including all sorts of uses for olive oil that you may not have known about.

2) A Couple Cooks: “The Life-Changing Magic of Olive Oil”

This episode is split into two parts, and overall focuses on the health and simplicity of olive oil. First, an olive oil tasting with expert taster; and second, a recipe that the two hosts have found to be delicious and very useful to have on hand: a recipe for salad dressing made with olive oil. This is a nice short podcast where you come away feeling like you’ve learned a lot of practical information.

3) Fed + Fit: “The Olive Oil Truth”

This podcast features an interview with an olive oil expert and shares helpful tips for buying good olive oil, and an array of facts about olive oil, with a focus on the health and wellness benefits of consuming olive oil.

4) Bon Appetit Foodcast: “Liquid Gold”

Popular foodie magazine, Bon Appetit, has an excellent series of podcasts about food, including interviews food writers and chefs. In the “Liquid Gold” episode, the hosts talk about olive oil, one of the most commonly used ingredients in professional and home kitchens alike. The episode covers the health benefitswhat to look for when buying olive oil, as well as a feature about Persian food and recipes. A fascinating episode to be enjoyed while preparing a family meal, with love (and olive oil!).

Next time you’re preparing a meal we recommend that you turn on one of these podcasts, we know you’ll enjoy learning about the fascinating history and uses for olive oil. It’s always nice to know where your food comes from, all the better to feed your body, mind and soul!