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3 must-try culinary uses of olive oil you may not have heard of


Olive oil is an all-rounder in the kitchen, and can be used in a myriad of ways.

Olive oil is one of those kitchen pantry all-rounders that you will truly get bang for your buck out of. A bottle of this “liquid gold”, as ancient writer Homer called it, can take you on any number of culinary adventures and be used in an endless number of ways. 

A generous drizzle over bruschetta, roasting an array of healthy vegetables or spicing up a bland pasta dish are just a few of the common ways olive oil is utilised in cooking. 

However, there are so many little-known ways that you can add this natural fat to your dishes that you may never have heard of - and here’s just a few to get you started on your journey!

With your morning yoghurt

Yes, this may seem a little “out there”, but trust us - you won’t look back!

If your breakfast (or general snack) of choice is a big bowl of fresh yoghurt garnished with a generous portion of zingy fruit, next time try adding in a swirl of olive oil. 
It is a true flavour enhancer, that works particularly well in combination with natural or Greek yoghurt

Once you’ve become a firm convert to olive oil as part of your breakfast, you’ll be singing the praises to every yoghurt-lover you know!

As a healthy butter replacement

Forget running to the shops for a slab of butter next time you are baking up a storm in the kitchen. Instead, simply reach for your bottle of La Española Mild & Light Olive Oil and use it in place of artery-clogging butter.You’ll notice the consistency of your cakes, tarts and baked goods is greatly improved, stays moister for longer and tastes incredible as well. 

Don’t just stop at using olive oil as a baking aid however! 

Love a slather of butter on your morning piece of toast? Before adding your condiment of choice, such as jam or honey, spread a layer of olive oil on your toast instead of butter or margarine. You’ll be doing your body good by removing unhealthy (and unnecessary fats) and incorporating the good fats of olive into into your diet. 

Chocolate + olive oil = heaven

We know serious chocolate lovers take their treat seriously - and so do we!

That’s why we just have to pass on this fantastic way to enjoy your choccie fix in a new and interesting fashion.  A dollop on chocolate ice-cream or mixed in with chocolate mousse is a real revelation for foodies when first trying it - that’s why this trend has really grown in popularity of late. If you love a robust dark chocolate, this tip is ideal for you, as the combination of flavours is a taste explosion that must be experienced at least once. 

Have you tried any of these little-known olive oil cooking tips? Or have we inspired you to take the plunge next time you reach into the fridge or the pantry? Let us know via our Facebook page, where you’ll find regular food trends, tips and tricks!