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Vegan Holiday Recipes that Even the Carnivores Will Love


We’ve scoured all the vegan holiday recipes out there!

As a vegan, we know the holidays can be tough. Turkey, bacon, ham, cheese and all the things us herbivores are able to avoid all year suddenly monopolize the table. You hate to be the difficult one, and you definitely don’t want to insult your sweet aunt Betsy, who poured her heart, soul, and seven hours of intensive labor into that slow-roasted ham. Yep, we get it. So we come bearing good news.

We’ve scoured all the vegan holiday recipes out there for the six best - that even the meat-lovers in your family will love. Don’t be surprised when they’re the first to go.

1. Scalloped Potatoes

This year, tell everyone that you’ll take care of the scalloped potatoes. This recipe might not have all the traditional cheese and cream and butter, but it does have the traditional cheesy, creamy, richness that makes scalloped potatoes well, scalloped potatoes. We’ve got the magic of nutritional yeast, cashew cream and nut milk to thank for that! Seconds guaranteed.

Get the full recipe at Stacey Homemaker

2. Olive oil mashed potatoes

It’s garlicy. It’s creamy. It’s decadent. And it’s 100% vegan! These garlic olive oil mashed potatoes topped with crispy sage is the side dish your family had no idea they were missing all these years. We suggest adding a zesty spin to this holiday favorite with a squeeze of lemon. Pro tip: the better the olive oil, the better the dish. Use our gourmet extra virgin olive oil for the best results! 

Get the full recipe at Veggie Society

3. Patatas Bravas

Sick of the traditional ol’ holiday side dishes? We dare you to shake things up a bit! Surprise and delight your family with this Spanish favorite: Patatas Bravas, or crispy potatoes in a spicy paprika sauce. There’s a reason this classic Spanish side dish has won the heart (and taste buds!) of everyone who tries it. We know we’re all itching to travel again - and since we can’t this holiday season, bring Spain to your dinner table

Get the full recipe at La Española

4. Mushroom wellington 

Move over beef wellington. This mushroom wellington is going to give you a run for your money (for less money!). It’s crispy-flaky goodness on the outside, and bursting with flavor and texture on the inside. The traditional pastry-wrapped beef is swapped out for mushroom, spinach, optional blue cheese, and tons of flavor. This show-stopping main dish can be made vegetarian or vegan.

Get the full recipe at Delicious from Scratch

5. Vegan Eggnog

If you ask us, this vegan eggnog is better than its traditional sibling. It’s creamier, spicier, and just as sweet, yet healthier (not that that’s really what we’re going for this time of year… but hey! We’ll take it). With a base of coconut milk, cashew cream and cinnamon whisky, it’ll leave the whole fam feeling all warm, cozy, and probably a touch tipsy. 

Get the full recipe at Veggie Primer

6. Vegan Pumpkin Pie

Did someone say pie? This pumpkin-spiced pie will turn any non-believer; it’s proven to change the minds of pumpkin pie-haters and butter lovers alike. The crust is buttery flaky perfection, and the filling is sweet, creamy and spiced just right to leave everyone at the table ready for the post-meal collapse (or as we call it, siesta). If you don’t tell ‘em it’s vegan, they’ll never know - until they ask for the recipe. ;)

Get the full recipe at Nora Cooks

What’s your favorite vegan holiday recipe? Drop it in the comments below!