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6 Tips For Hosting The Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner!


Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner for friends and family  this year?

Would this be your first time doing so? Hosting and cooking this great American traditional meal is a big milestone for an experienced cook, let alone for an average cook (oh, we get it lol). We also know it can be a moment of some anxiety and nerves, that’s why we put together these 6 tips that will make hosting the perfect Thanksgiving dinner for friends and family a piece of cake!

1.- Prepare in advance as much as possible!

The most stressful part of cooking for a mid-size group of people (6 or more) is the last-minute rush! That’s why we recommend putting your meal prep skills into practice! - Looking for dishes that can easily be made ahead when you’re planning your Thanksgiving menu is definitely a must.

Even if you can’t make a full dish ahead, look for ways to peel off pieces, like toasting nuts or breadcrumbs, or things of that nature.

2.- Keep it healthy but delicious! (Guests will thank you later)

Want to save your guests (and yourself) more room for eating leftovers for days on end without the guilt and crazy calories? Healthier sides and ingredients are your friend! Plus they are easier to make. For example, switch butter for La Española Olive Oil and enjoy the richness of our olive oils without the guilt of using high-caloric ingredients.

3.- It’s ok to purchase parts of your meal.

Have a great bakery in the neighborhood? Go buy that delicious cheesecake or pumpkin pie! Not sure how to make a tasty gravy? Buy some from a specialty grocery! There’s nothing wrong with buying a few pieces of the Thanksgiving dinner, especially if it makes for a more relaxing pre-Thanksgiving day. Remember, it’s all about working smart rather than working hard. 

4.- Don’t forget the classics, but give them a twist!

Nothing like taking all-time favorite classics and turning them into a modern but traditional new version of it - This is definitely a winning strategy for getting that real wow factor. Don’t know where to start? Check out these 5 traditional Thanksgiving sides with a twist and let us know how many “wows” you got.

5.- Set the table the evening before.

Don’t fuss with the table on the day of - think through who will sit where. Put out your serving vessels and serving utensils as well, and put a little note in each one of what goes where and who sits where. It is not ideal to have to root around in your messiest cupboard for the turkey platter in front of guests (trust us, it's not fun). Set it the day ahead and you have your goal in sight all day

6.- Have storage containers ready for sharing leftovers with your guests.

Let’s be honest, besides the Thanksgiving day fun football games and getting together with family members you haven't seen all year, leftovers are the best part of turkey season. Nothing says “Winter is almost here” like having turkey, homemade gravy, homemade mash potatoes, stuffing and pumpkin pie for days (all until you start feeling “Christmas vibes'') - Make sure to have storage containers readily available for guests, so they can too enjoy of this amazing meal you surely cooked with love! ❤️

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner can feel like a combination of big chores, all done at once while trying to have fun and enjoy. With a bit of planning and some creativity, you can feed a crowd of a dozen without even having to break a sweat! What other tips come to mind? Is there something that has worked for you in the past? Head over to our Facebook and/or  Instagram and share it with us!