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Sustainable Christmas Party Guide


Can you have fun and enjoy the holy season while being nice to th environment?

Holiday season is around the corner and we’re all making plans to meet friends and family for this beautiful time of the year. With all those dinner parties  and festivities taking place, make sure you’re also thinking about minimizing the use of non-recyclable bunting and food waste

We know what you’re thinking: how are we supposed to have fun and enjoy this holy season while also thinking about being nice to the environment? - Good news is, we have a few tips and tricks that you can follow to host a greener, more eco-friendly party without sacrificing all the fun. Check below!

1.- Choose Plant-Based Dishes

It is known that the single biggest way we can reduce our carbon footprint is to ditch meat. This doesn’t mean a boring meal at all, or a generic vegetarian meal prepared with generic vegetarian ingredients, or going full vegan. This means using whole ingredients to prepare delicious plant-based meals - Great compliments from invitees are almost guaranteed! ;)

Additionally, keep in mind that serving food at room temperature will conserve energy by not having to use the oven or the fridge.

2.- Incentivize Waste-Free Gifting & Decorations

No plastic, no excessive packaging can be super fun with a little bit of creativity! In the spirit of hosting a green holiday party, encourage your friends to get crafty and use sustainable materials for gift wrapping, decorations and presents themselves. You can also make it cool by creating a fun challenge where winners get to choose among a series of waste-free prizes! - Make sure to check out sustainable marketplaces only, to place orders for your eco-friendly decorations and waste-free prizes.

3.- Choose Reusable Serveware

The biggest cause for waste during a party session are disposable plates, cutlery and glasses, among other serverware. But no worries, there’s something you can do about it: use reusable cutlery and crockery. Also, make sure to have your guests involved in the post-party clean up.

Extra tip: If you are hosting a sit-down dinner and don’t feel like cooking (super valid), take a cue from a restaurant that serves plant-based organic food served with creative, waste-free “serveware” such as a banana leaf for a plate and others.

4.- Choose Organic Ingredients & Products

Organic farming is widely considered to be a far more sustainable alternative when it comes to food production. The lack of pesticides and a wider variety of plants enhances biodiversity and reduces environmental pollution. This is why it’s important this year’s holiday season that you choose organic ingredients and products for all your friends & family gatherings, including the Christmas party.

Good news is, organic versions are widely available for almost all food and drink products out there. From organic/biodynamic wines, chips and even beer, to organic meats and dressings such as La Española’s Organic Extra Virgin Oil, you got plenty to choose from and throw that epic party you’ve always wanted.

5.- Use Locally Grown Vegetables From Your Nearest Farmer’s Market

To complement your plant-based explosion of flavors, make sure you are choosing from a variety of locally-grown, organic vegetables during your dinner menu planning session – even if that means tweaking a few recipes to accommodate these local goodies. Sauteed green beans, mashed potatoes and buttered carrots are some examples of side dishes you can easily create once you find the right vegetables - Additionally, make sure no plastic bags are used to store your greens.

Christmas is the time for traveling, eating, drinking and buying more than at any other time of the year. This also means we have a bigger impact on the environment. Do your part during this year-end celebrations and spread the eco-friendly message to your guests, family and (why not) the world! 

What was your favorite tip? Can you think of a sustainable christmas party must-have that perhaps we missed? If so, we want to hear what it is! Head over to our Facebook and/or Instagram and let us know!