How should you use each type of oil?

Green olive and two leaves

There are many types of oils on the market and sometimes it's difficult to find the perfect choice for your favorite recipe. In general, intense oils are a good choice when you want to enhance the flavor of a dish; but, if the ingredients are delicate, it is preferable to use milder oils.

Thus, we can consider the following uses for an extra virgin olive oil: The intensity of its flavor makes extra virgin olive oil ideal for raw use. It is in this way that its fruity flavor and slight spicy touch will be better perceived, a totally pure flavor that can harmonize perfectly with vegetables, meat and fish. Use it to season salads, sauces or soups, and even in a cooked dish. A little olive oil on top of a cooked dish will add a tasty and different touch to roasted meats, roasted fish and even grilled vegetables.

Green olive and two leaves

An olive oil (not extra virgin), such as La Española Classic, is perfect for daily use in the kitchen, as its delicate flavor makes it very versatile: Classic olive oil can be used in stir-fries, stews and other dishes, with low and medium heat cooking methods, such as grilling and roasting … It can also be used for frying. Pure olive oil is an oil that is more resistant to high temperatures, that is, it takes longer to smoke or burn, making it suitable for frying all types of food. It is a healthy alternative to butter.

Mild & Light olive oil, the version with the mildest flavor of all, is perfect for dessert recipes and baking, also a perfect substitute for butter. This oil, moreover, can also be used to fry food, as it withstands high temperatures without affecting its beneficial properties. This oil will maintain its consistency and organoleptic properties in wok cooking, shallow and deep frying.