Tips for preserving olive oil

Green olive and two leaves

Our dear ally in the kitchen also deserves special care when preserving it. Here are some tips that you can easily do for better preservation of olive oil:

Light is one of olive oil’s main enemies, as if it fells directly on it, when olive oil is exposed to light, it will oxidize and lose its properties. It's best to store it in opaque containers or keep it in a pantry or cupboard and take it out when you're ready to use it.

Heat also accelerates the oxidation of olive oil, so it's best to store your olive oil in a cool, dry place, around 65-72ºF. It is a mistake to leave olive oil on the kitchen counter near the stove, so put it in a cupboard.

Air also negatively affects olive oil, so make sure that your bottle of olive oil is tightly closed to prevent oxygen from entering it.