The characteristic flavor of extra virgin olive oil

Green olive and two leaves

There are many factors that influence the quality and personality of an extra virgin olive oil, such as the variety used, the time of harvest and even the growing conditions. Extra virgin olive oil is unrefined and of the highest quality. Be careful though, not all oils that claim to be extra virgin are actually extra virgin! There are very specific standards that must bemer. When you buy La Española Extra Virgin olive oils, however, we guarantee that you are buying authentic olive oil that meets extra virgin standards and stays fresh throughout the entire process, from tree to table and right to your home. Our processing methods allow us to preserve all its intensity both in flavor and on the palate.

In almost all oils made from fresh, high-quality olives pressed immediately after harvesting, you can detect a slightly bitter and spicy taste. This characteristic comes from the powerful natural antioxidants (polyphenols) found in olive oil.