What is the best type of oil for frying?

Green olive and two leaves

Imagine fried chicken or French fries...delicious, right? Crispy and golden on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside. Food can be fried for both savory recipes and for desserts, so what we all need to know is which oil is recommended for frying.

When heating oil in a pan for too long, and it gets too hot, sometimes it “smokes.” This means that the oil is deteriorating and should not be used. Each type of oil “smokes” at a different temperature so it is advisable to use oils for frying that are better resistant to high cooking temperatures and therefore take longer to “smoke.”

In this case, both the Classic olive oil with a smoke point of 420°F, and the Mild & Light olive oil with a smoke point of 465°F, may be most suitable. Although Extra virgin olive oil can “smoke” when it reaches 320°F, you can also fry with EVOO bearing in mind that you should not exceed the temperature limit to avoid smoke creation and the loss of taste qualities and antioxidant properties.