Spanish Olive Oil

Green olive and two leaves

Olive oil has been produced and consumed for hundreds of throughout the entire Mediterranean region and is a fundamental pillar of the Mediterranean diet, the best choice for a healthy and balanced diet.

Currently, Spain is the producer of almost 60% of the world's olive oil, far ahead of other countries with a long tradition in the olive oil sector such as Italy, Greece or Portugal. The olive oil sector in Spain has a long history and, thanks to the importance of its sales and exports, it is increasingly at the forefront in terms of technologies and developments, making harvests increasingly efficient and sustainable.

Green olive and two leaves

Spain's unique climate makes it possible to grow more than 200 different varieties of olives. The unique mixture of different types of oil means products of the best quality and with an incomparable taste, slightly fruity and a slightly more yellowish color.

Other countries that have a smaller production of olive oil cannot guarantee that all demand is met with the local product, as the demand is greater than they can contribute to the market. Thus, olive oils from other origins have some percentage of olive juice from other countries and origins. This does not happen in Spain, where all olive oil is produced in the same territory, always meeting the most demanding quality standards and offering a delicious, healthy and balanced product.