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Olive Oil Cooking Tips: What is the smoke point of olive oil?


To get the most out of your delicious and nutritious olive oil, knowing the smoking point of olive oil is key.

As you know by now, olive oil is essential for having a healthy diet due to its vitamin E and high antioxidants content so it’s important that we cook with olive oil in the correct way to maintain its nutrients.

What is the smoke point of olive oil? When it comes to cooking, we need fats, and olive oil is especially healthy considering that it retains its healthy characteristics during high heat Moreover, it is of course a plant-origin oil, which gives it an added value: not only do they have healthier characteristics, but also, they can be used by vegetarians and vegans alike!

Other fats used in cooking, such as butter, are from animal-origin and contain saturated fatty acids in a large part of its content. This translates into a higher level of cholesterol and possibly contributing to cardiovascular disease.

To get the most out of every delicious golden drop of olive oil, we must know how to cook with it and what its limits are such as the smoking point (that point in which fat starts to heat in excess). There is no need to worry because olive oil resists the heat quite well and it is not easy for it to reach that point.

Whereas butter reaches the maximum point at 110º C, olive oil can be heated up to  210º C. It is more resistant, and what’s more, digestion after cooking with olive oil is faster.