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How to Make Trendy DIY Body Scrubs


Olive oil has been the star ingredient in almost every beauty product since we can remember.

Making your own beauty products is definitely on trend and there are lots of good reasons for that. First of all, making your own beauty products is easy and lots of fun. But, we think the two reasons why making your own beauty products is way better than buying them is because you can save yourself a lot of money and you are in total control of all the ingredients, that means you can make products that are much healthier for you and are totally chemical free!

Olive oil has been an ingredient in beauty products arguably longer than anything else. Olive oil is very healthy for your skin and is completely edible and nutritious, that means when your pores absorb the oil there is nothing to worry about, unlike with other beauty products that have chemicals and synthetic fragrances that are harmful to our health.

Among the many beauty products you can make yourself are skin and body scrubs. Body scrubs are super easy to make and so satisfying to use -- and they also make a great gift for just about anyone.

The basic recipe for a body scrub is 1 part olive oil, 1 part coarse sugar, with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. For example, you can mix half a cup of classic or light olive oil with half a cup of raw sugar (or some other granulated sugar), with about 2-5 drops of an essential oil that can be applied directly to skin, such as lavender or orange oil. Stir the ingredients together in a cold glass jar until well combined. Mason jars work well for storing the scrub, simply add a lid and you can keep the scrub in the shower or bath area for use.

Alternative scents you can use in place of essential oils are a few drops of vanilla extract or ½ teaspoon of ground coffee

Body scrubs are great to use in the shower or bath and can be used on the whole body, especially the face, arms, legs and torso. Gently apply about a tablespoon of the scrub to the skin and massage it around while not directly in the water. Allow the sugar to gently exfoliate the skin and the oil will soothe and moisturize. Once you have thoroughly rubbed the skin with the scrub you can rinse it off, there is no need to use any soap. The skin will be clean, smoothe and smell fantastic. 

Olive oil scrubs are great for people of any age, especially children since they are totally edible and there is no worry about getting it in their mouth or eyes. People with skin conditions, especially chronically dry or sensitive skin will especially love to use the body scrub. However, we think that everyone deserves a good homemade body scrub for some well deserved relaxation and renewal.