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Date Night at Home


Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just making time for each other, a date night at home is a cozy way to spend an evening.

You can shower you love with attention and a home cooked meal with no one else around. You can focus just on each other and make a delicious meal to delight the senses. Let’s set the scene!


First, you’ll want to consider the atmosphere. Do you want to have a classically romantic evening? Dim the lights, light a candle, set the table with a nice tablecloth, and of course don’t forget the fresh flowers. Make sure the kids are with a sitter and the dog is lounging in another room so you can focus completely on each other.
If it’s a more casual, sweet evening with just the two of you, skip the candles but don’t skip the flowers! Put on your best cologne or perfume and your partner’s favorite outfit of yours.
Play some music that will add the right vibe to the evening without overtaking it. Something you can dance to together is the best kind of music.


Next, the food.
You’ll want to make a meal that you can prepare as much as possible beforehand. You don’t want to interrupt your evening too much by rushing back and forth from the kitchen. That is, unless you choose to cook together. This can be a romantic, fun, and lighthearted way to connect with each other.
We recommend the following for your menu:

1. Appetizer:


2. Main Course


3. Dessert



Finally, an activity. This is where you can have a lot of fun. Sure, you could just watch a new movie but there are more creative ways to spend time together! You could take the romantic route and ask each other deep questions about your thoughts, fears, and dreams. Scroll through Pinterest for “10 Best Questions to ask your Partner” and get to know a side of them you never knew existed. If you’re looking for something more light hearted, try a board game or spice it up by playing Twister! You could get competitive and play a video game. A sports or fitness game featuring bowling or tennis will get the adrenaline going. A little bit of friendly competition will be just the trick to get you and your love laughing and talking like teenagers.
Once you put this all together, you’ll be sure to have a lovely night alone to reconnect and celebrate the love you share.
Comment below with your favorite date night dinner!