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7 Heart Shaped Foods You Can Make for Valentine’s Day


Be creative and think outside the chocolate box!

A special meal with your loved one is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. A meal lovingly planned and prepared will go a long way to showing your loved one just how much you care about them. After all, isn’t the most important ingredient love?

We know that chocolate and strawberries are traditionally thought of as the foods of lovers, but we are fans of trying new things. Be creative and think outside the chocolate box: prepare foods that show love through clever food design using heart shapes to prepare and present your food.

Here are some of our favorite ideas for heart-shaped meals, desserts and food styling:

1) Cookies:

Use a heart shaped cookie cutter to make heart-shaped cookies

2) Cake:

Use a heart-shaped pan to cook your loved ones favorite cake in the shape of a heart

3) Fruits and Vegetables:

Use your heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut fruits and vegetables for a beautiful garnish or food tray

4) Quiche or Omelette:

Use a heart-shaped pie plate or cake pan to cook a pie, omelette or quiche in the shape of a heart.

5) Pie:

Use a small heart shaped pastry or cookie cutter to cut out hearts from pie pastry

6) Pizza:

Prepare a heart-shaped deep dish pizza using a pie plate or cast iron pan.

7) Eggs:

Serve heart-shaped fried eggs by cooking them in heart-shaped cookie cutters placed on your frying pan.

There are lots of other ways to prepare food in heart shapes so get creative and have fun. Food is a love language meant to be explored!