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5 Pinterest Boards to Inspire Your Meals


We’ve collected up 5 great boards that cover all kind of meals. Let's cook up something yummy!

Pinterest is an amazing resource for pretty much anything you want to make or learn more about. In particular, Pinterest is a great search engine for all things food-related from recipes, to cooking techniques, to food styling. Many food bloggers and cookbook authors have created great pin boards that anyone can use as a resource for inspiration and information. Below we’ve collected up 5 great boards that cover breakfast, lunch and dinner, desserts, drinks and appetizers. We know you’ll find more than a few recipes you want to cook up tonight!

1. “Bowls” pinned by Sarah the food blogger behind Well + Full, a food blog focusing on seasonal whole food cooking.

If you’re looking for colorful, creative, delicious meals in a bowl you’ll love this board and the rest of Sarah’s pin boards. On ‘Bowls’ you’ll find, among other things, lots of salad and rice bowls, beautifully garnished with local produce and farm fresh ingredients.

2. “Recipes + Food” pinned by creative force Brittany Jepsen, the creative director of the House that Lars Built.

This board is great if you’re looking for food and recipes that are beautiful and creative. Brittany pins gorgeously styled food, from main dishes, to appetizers, to desserts, that are sure to wow your guests or make a splash at a party.

3. “To Snack” pinned by artist and author Merrilee Liddiard.

This is a great go-to board for all sorts of appetizers and snack food that will satisfy children and adults alike, such as finger foods, bars, and dips.The recipes are simple, reliable and, of course, tasty!

4. “Sips + Libations” pinned by Canadian food blogger and cookbook author Laura Wright.

This board is a great resource for all sorts of drinks from cocktails to smoothies to warm drinks. If you want to get creative and have a little fun with beverages check out this pin board.

5. “Best Weekend Breakfasts” pinned by Lorna, a UK food blogger for Eat Myyy Thoughts.

This board has everything you could possibly want to eat for a delicious weekend breakfast or brunch, including pancakes, waffles, pastries, breakfast bowls, loaded toasts, eggs and lots more. Aside from this board, Eat Myyy Thoughts has lots of great boards covering pretty much anything you’d like to cook up.