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How to Pack the Perfect Picnic Basket


With the sun shining, it’s time to get out to a park or the beach and enjoy some dining al fresco! Grab a basket, cooler, or even a tote bag and fill it up with goodies

Head out the door for a relaxing afternoon with your favorite person or the whole family:

1. Essentials

  • Basket or cooler
  • Blanket (or tablecloth if you prefer to sit at a picnic table)
  • Food, cold drinks, snacks - don’t forget the Sangria! 
  • Acrylic glasses and reusable cutlery 
  • Water bottle - it’s hot out there!

2. Food

While your picnic partner may expect a chicken salad sandwich, you can wow them with a menu of cold tapas! The best part is, this menu is as easy to make as any traditional American picnic food.

  • Melon with Serrano Ham

This tapa couldn’t be easier! Simply wrap a cube of fresh melon with a slice of salty Serrano ham and insert a toothpick to hold it together. The sweet and salty flavors will make you go back for more!

  • Olive and cheese Tapa

On a skewer (or mixed in individual baggies), mix cubes of manchego cheese with black olives. Drizzle these with La Española Classic Olive Oil and let marinate in an airtight container that you take with you. These flavors meld beautifully together!

  • Croquetas are the perfect handheld snack to take along on your picnic. Make them in the morning or the night before and get ready for a tasty treat.

3. Location, location, location

The location you choose can make or break your picnic! 

  • Best for couples

Botanical gardens
Chances are, your city has a beautiful botanical garden and, if you check their rules, you’ll find that many gardens not only allow picnics, but encourage them! You and your love could enjoy a sweet date at a nice table or bring a blanket and have a romantic meal on the grass. When you finish eating, you can stroll hand in hand enjoying the gardens!    

Drive in Movie Theatre
Have a retro date night and head to a drive in theater! You can watch a new or classic film, drink a soda pop from a glass jar, and you can even bring your own gourmet popcorn. Just before you head out the door, fry up 1-2 tbsp. La Española Mild & Light Olive Oil, then test that the oil is hot with one or two kernels. Once they pop, pour in enough kernels to cover the bottom of the pan then put the lid on and let ‘em pop! Once they’re all popped, top with truffle salt then jump in the car and head to the movies with hot, fresh homemade popcorn!  

  • Best for families

    At the beach, you can spread out on a blanket with the whole family. The kids can swim and build sandcastles to keep themselves busy. The adults can relax, read a book, or enjoy catching up with each other.

City park
A city park is a great location for the family because there will be activities to keep your kids occupied. They will be able to play on the playground, go on the swings, fly a kite, or simply run around and expend some energy! (Many parks have added splash pads so you might want to bring your kids’ swimsuits!) These parks will also have covered picnic tables to set up at to keep you shielded from the sun.

On a boat
Ahoy, matey! If you have guests visiting from out of town, why not rent a boat for the afternoon and bring along a picnic? Younger kids will enjoy pretending to steer the boat while older kids can fish off the back. The whole family can enjoy this memorable  activity together! 
Picnics are a fun and casual way to connect with your loved ones while you enjoy the sunshine. Pack some tasty food, sunscreen, and Sangria, and have a great time!

What is the essential item in your picnic basket? Tell us in the comments below!