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7 Olive Oil Hacks You’ll Never Stop Using


Olive oil has a wide variety of uses outside the kitchen walls.

Olive Oil has been around for a long time. A very long time. In the days of ancient Egypt, people were using it to keep their lamps lit. You’ve heard about the Genie in the lamp, right? Well, you know what’s supposed to be in that lamp instead of a Genie? That’s right. Olive oil. And while olive oil may not be able to make your deepest wishes come true, it certainly does have a wide variety of uses that you may not have ever thought of before. 

In the millennia since olive oil has been around, humans have discovered its usefulness in everything from cosmetics to carpentry, medicine to mechanics. We’re just going to cover 7 of them here, but we encourage you to visit our social media channels and tell us what unique ways you use olive oil!

1. Wood Furniture Polish

Typically when you get a good wood chair you want to keep it looking good for a long, long time. Well, that requires a little maintenance now and then. There are some good furniture polishes out there that you can get, but there’s no good reason you can’t use a splash of La Española on a rag! For an extra boost of cleaning power, add some vinegar and your wood furniture will look good as new.

2. Control Hair Frizz

Why get some expensive hair products when you can use what you already have in your kitchen? Be careful not to use too much or else your hair will end up looking flat and oily, but just a little bit of La Española olive oil in your hair, and you can feel confident that it’s not going to fly around where it’s not supposed to go.

3. Free a Stuck Zipper

If you’re having a hard time zipping up, it could be that the zipper is a little rusted or tarnished. Rub a little bit of olive oil on the sticking spot and apply a little pressure and your zipper should glide gracefully past the offending area. Use this on pants, jackets, bags, or wherever you find a zipper!

4. Pet health

Humans aren’t the only animals that can benefit from the use of olive oil! Stick a teaspoon of olive oil in your cat’s or dog's food. It will help prevent hairballs and give your beloved pet a shiny coat of fur.

5. Snoring

If you or your partner suffers from light snoring, here’s one that will prevent one of you from having to smother the other. Drink a little bit of olive oil before going to bed. This will help lubricate the throat and allow the smooth passage of air. Depending on the size of your snoring problem, this could help save your relationship!

6. Shine stainless steel and brass

Rub a little olive oil on a clean rag and wipe it across your stainless steel and/or brass implements such as pots, pans, pipes, or anything else. This will prevent streaks, corrosion, and tarnish and will extend the life of these things by years.

7. Stop a throat tickle

Maybe it’s just allergies, maybe you’re sick, or maybe you just swallowed something that went down the wrong tube. If the source of your cough feels like a little grain inside of your throat, you could fix it by drinking just a little bit of olive oil. In the same way that it lubricates your throat to prevent snoring, it’ll also help with airflow during a coughing fit.

These are just a few of the many different ways you can use olive oil that don’t include food. But don’t forget olive oil’s primary purpose: to make your meals delicious! What are some of the ways you use olive oil? Hop on Facebook or Instagram to tell us!