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5 of the World’s Healthiest Leafy Greens (to Beat Your Winter Blues!)


We've outlined 5 leafy greens that can not only boost your metabolism but also cure a cold completely.

They can cure a cold. They can boost your metabolism. And yes, they can even make you happier! It might sound too good to be true, but we promise we’re not talking about witch magic. We’re talking about leafy greens! We know, growing up your mom always pointed at your dinner plate and said “finish your greens!” Well, you know what they say - moms are always right. But not all greens are created equal; some are packed with more nutrients than others, and all carry different benefits. So, think about what TLC you need in your life, and pick your green accordingly. Low and behold, the world’s healthiest greens.

1.) Kale

Kale is all the rage, and for good reason. Top chefs are using it in everything from raw salad bases to crispy fried toppings. The obvious reason is, well, it tastes good. It’s nutty with a bitter bite, and gives that oh-so-necessary crunch to any dish. But the less obvious reason? It gives you wings. Well...figuratively. One single leaf is packed with B6, magnesium, calcium, and vitamins C, K, and A, keeping you healthy and on your “A” game in the coldest of months. It’s also full of fiber, which keeps your body “moving” (if you know what we mean). Throw some La Española Classic Olive Oil in a pan and saute it with some garlic for a nutrient-packed flavor-rich side dish!

2.) Beet Greens

So you’ve got a beautiful purple beet and you’re about to de-leaf it. Now FREEZE! Don’t throw out those leafy beet greens. They’re actually one of the most nutritious and delicious parts of a beetroot! Brimming with vitamin A, C and K, these purpley-greens help to fight off osteoporosis, boost your bone strength, help keep your blood pressure low, and can even help to prevent cancer. Oh, and they boost your immunity to ward off those winter sniffles! We recommend tossing these beautifully hued leaves in a winter soup, to add texture, beautiful color and of course, tons of nutrients.

3.) Bok Choy

You’ll find bok choy in many of your favorite Chinese dishes, but that’s not all the Chinese use it for! Traditional Chinese medicine has been using bok choy’s medicinal benefits for centuries. These flavor absorbing greens offer tons of potassium for healthy muscles and nerves, and its high amount of beta carotene helps every aspect of your eye health - from preventing night blindness to lowering the risk of macular degeneration. Acting as a flavor sponge for yummy sauces, throw it into your next stir fry for an added crunch.

4.) Watercress

Don’t judge a leaf by its small appearance - each leaf is packed with over 16 essential vitamins and minerals, and then some! Full of antioxidants, these peppery powerhouses keep your heart happy and healthy by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels. If you feel a cold creeping up, we recommend mixing a handful of these Vitamin C-packed bad boys into your salad, and finish it off with La Española Extra Virgin Olive Oil and fresh lemon dressing. That cold’s got no shot.

5.) Swiss Chard

Okay, so we all know eating = happiness. But this leafy green actually is scientifically proven to increase your energy levels and reduce depression levels, thanks to its high dose of magnesium. Not to mention, the dozen other essential vitamin and minerals a serving packs, which keep your overall body happy, healthy and full. Try swiss chard chips - just bake with La Española Mild & Light Olive Oil and salt for a crunchy snack!

Goodbye winter blues, hello winter greens! How do you incorporate your favorite greens into your diet?