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5 Great American Food Blogs


While we love a good cookbook, we thought we’d share some of our favorite food blogs that focus on American cuisine!

These days it seems like most people are turning to food blogs over cookbooks for their food inspiration. While we love a good cookbook, we thought we’d share some of our favorite food blogs that focus on American cuisine.

American cuisine is somewhat hard to define. As a nation primarily populated by immigrants and their descendants, American cuisine is heavily influenced by other cuisines, in particular British, Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, and Caribbean. But let’s not forget the original people of the land, the Native Americans, who have a vibrant food history and cuisine of their own.

The following is a list of a few of the best food blogs featuring the rich and diverse cuisines of the USA:

1) Tocabe 

Tocabe is both a popular food blog and a restaurant serving Native American cuisine in Denver, Colorado. Tocabe focuses on sharing the food traditions and traditional ingredients found in Native American foods, as well as offering modern interpretations of these foods. The blog is an excellent resource for learning all that you can do with local and seasonal ingredients grown in the USA. 

We recommend trying their recipe for Stuffed Acorn Squash, what a perfect dish to showcase all the flavor potential of locally grown ingredients.

2) Smitten Kitchen

Smitten Kitchen is the popular food blog by Deb Perelman, known for using good quality, affordable, “unfussy” ingredients and for showing people what they can do with a small kitchen with common tools.

We recommend trying her recipe for Chocolate Olive Oil Cake, a variation on the American classic “Depression Cake” which came about during war time, when ingredients were scarce, but people still wanted delicious food.

3) American Heritage Kitchen

Chef Lindsey Farr grew up in Atlanta then moved to NYC to train as a Pastry Chef. Her popular food blog American Heritage Kitchen celebrates food and American history through a “smorgasbord of heirloom and heritage recipes.” She also posts some of her own recipes and modern takes on traditional American favorites, which show how American cuisine today draws from so many other traditional cuisines, in particular Italian and French.

We recommend trying her recipe for Fiery Chili Chicken Burgers.

4) Southern Souffle - Soul Food

Southern Souffle is a food blog all about the delicious traditional cuisine of the American south, often associated with African Americans and the cuisine of the African diaspora. This blog features all the mouth watering classics you’d expect from southern cooks: fried chicken, grits, biscuits, collard greens, as well as favorite ingredients like andouille sausage, bourbon, and catfish.

We recommend trying the recipe for Caramelized Onion and Grits Crusted Quiche

5) Betty Liu

Betty Liu is the cook and artist behind her namesake food blog: Betty Liu. If you want to be inspired visually this blog is for you, the food photography itself makes the blog a must visit. But beyond her photos are her recipes and food stories, which elegantly fuse cuisines and ingredients, often of Chinese origin, with local ingredients and a modern American food sensibility. The blog is one of the best examples of contemporary creative American food.

We recommend trying her recipe for Shiitake and King Oyster Mushroom Gravy & Kabocha Sage Biscuits.

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