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4 Food Podcasts to Stream Today


Foodie! These podcasts are for you! Enjoy an entertaining chat from different geniuses of food and gastronomy. Press play and enjoy!

The Julia Child Foundation “Inside Julia’s Kitchen”

The pioneering American chef and cookbook writer Julia Child started her TV show “The French Chef” in the United States in the 1960s. She was the first “celebrity chef” in the US and the first real cooking show that paved the way for the Food Network and the celebrity chef era we’re currently living in. 
This podcast from The Julia Child Foundation highlights what’s going on in the world of food today, from up and coming chefs to those making a difference in fighting hunger in the United States. Each episode starts with an inspirational “Julia Moment” where guests share personal stories about their relationships or encounters with Julia Child herself.

Burnt Toast

This podcast, hosted by Michael Harlan Turkell “explores a different aspect of food culture and community” in each episode. In a recent episode, we learn how maple syrup is actually made, which we may think of as a simple topping for weekend pancakes, but there is a lot more to the story than we think. Did you know? There is typically only a two week window that syrup can be harvested and there is so much science behind the ability to pull sap from trees. 

Other topics include “Food Swindle, or Absolute Genius? The Margarine Story”, and quirky stories like “Why is there no pie emoji?” and “Myths and Magic of Milk.” They really dig into the history of food but they don't’ miss out on including ways of cooking with these ingredients! 

Recipe Cluub

David Chang, founder of Momofuku is host of the fun food podcast Recipe Club. Each week, Chang and his guests test three recipes, each with a random ingredient suggested at the beginning of the episode. Each guest chef suggests a recipe and the panel test and then vote on each others concoctions. 
In the episode where canned tuna was the main ingredient, the guest chefs managed to create four recipes plucked from the ends of the earth: Kimchi stew with tuna, tuna mayo donburi, and tonnato sauce pasta salad!

The Sporkful

The Sporkful podcast happily describes themselves as not being for foodies, but for eaters. As with many of the other podcasts on this list (and beyond), they tell food-related stories to learn about people. Their episodes feature more food-world celebrities than the others above, so if you’re a fan of Phil Rosenthal (host of Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix), Food Network’s Duff Goldman or even The Simpsons (creator Matt Groening makes an appearence), this is the podcast for you. In addition to these big names drawing in listeners, The Sporkful also tells stories that you may not be thinking about, such as “A Quick History of American BBQ” and an historical story about WWII and Spam in the episode “How SPAM Became A Filipino Staple.” The Sporkful is hosted by Dan Pashman and the show is a James Beard Award winner for Best Food Podcast.