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3 Reasons Why Spring Is The Perfect Season For Olive Oil Lovers


Spring is always a good idea, even more for olive oil lovers!

Depending on where you live, when March rolls around, either spring has sprung or you sorely wish it would start springing! Getting tired of squash and parsnips? We are too but the good news is we got lots of fresh produce to play around with and create awesome recipes/dishes that will improve our 2022 Spring experience.

Additionally, Spring is an all-time favorite among olive oil lovers because of how the sunny weather and fresh-style dishes, such as Mediterranean-style dishes, perfectly come together to create a season of healthy and delicious eating - And let's not forget olive oil is one of the main ingredients of this.

Here are 3 reasons why Spring is the perfect season for olive oil lovers

1.- A New Crop Of Fruits And Veggies Begins To Show Up At Farmers’ Markets.

Faster than you can say “kale salad,” it seems like yet another farmers market pops up during the Spring season. In fact, there are more than 8,700 registered in the USDA’s Farmers Market Directory - So we are safe to say this is a common post-winter tradition.

It’s easy to understand why farmers' markets are popular: They offer fresh new crops of fruit and vegetables, plus a chance to meet the people who grow what you’re buying. These fresh products often serve as the canvas for olive oil lovers to create delicious salad combinations, dishes and even pastries that are sure to delight every person that tries it. Additionally, Farmer Markets are known to be a place where you can get good deals on organic food and vegetables - These kinds of products are ideal to maintain a balanced, healthy diet while also making sure you’re adding your two cents of care to the environment.

Fun fact: Spring is primetime for seasonal veggies like arugula, artichokes, spinach, watercress, and green-leafed berries.

2.- Beautiful weather makes you want to be more active and eat healthier.

The gray skies of winter and the cold weather make everyone crave comfort foods all the time!— the richer, sugary, and gooier the better. But in Spring, berries, asparagus, and lots of greens hit the market, and your plate miraculously gets lighter, healthier, and full of color! This is an ideal scenario for olive oil lovers - because let’s not forget green-leaf veggie’s best friend: healthy fats such as olive oil. Additionally, daylight savings time means you sleep earlier and longer which will make your eating-healthy journey easier and more enjoyable.

3.- It's The Beginning Of Eating-Outside Season

Many areas of the nation experience incredible weather in the spring and summer months. Why not take advantage of the nice temperatures and partake in al fresco dining? Salads, picnic-style dishes, pastries, fresh fruits - these are all invited to the spring party and they are delicious! Especially if you add a drizzle of olive oil on top to add freshness.

In addition to the party of flavors involved in eating outside, there are numerous health benefits associated with outdoor dining: It boosts Your mood, supports concentration (offers an important break to technology), reduces stress, and lowers the risk of illness and disease due to sun exposure (vitamin D booster).

Flowers, Easter, and short weather are just a few of the reasons winter and fall don't hold a candle to Spring. But the most important reason, in our view, is the opportunity for olive oil lovers to bring back that long-waited passion for fresh produce and healthy eating to the plate, all while enjoying the kind of weather that makes you want to get up in the morning. Can you think of any other reason why Spring is the perfect season for olive oil lovers? Head over to our social media platforms and let us know!