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Tips to Keep in Mind When Buying Olive Oil


Choosing an olive oil seems complicated? We are here to help!

Some people will say that buying olive oil is simple. For other people, choosing an olive oil can seem complicated. We strive to be your ally, so we are here to help you make informed decisions when choosing an olive oil to buy, so that you can get the tastiest, healthiest, most versatile oil for your money.

Here are a few key things to keep in mind:

1) Quantity

Olive oil lasts for about a year once opened, however for maximum freshness you might want to consume it more quickly. Generally speaking, olive oil experts recommend that you buy olive oil in an amount that you are likely to use in one month or so. Choose an appropriate bottle size accordingly. If you do buy a large quantity of olive oil, remember to store it out of the way of light and heat, in a cupboard is the perfect spot.

2) Use

If you’re planning to use your olive oil raw, you’ll probably prefer to buy an Extra Virgin olive oil since the rich olive oil flavor will really come through. In contrast, for cooking, especially frying, classic (pure) olive oils are great as the smoke point is higher. For baking, people often prefer a mild olive oil. However, if you only keep one olive oil in stock, remember that any olive oil can be used for all purposes, so pick your favorite and enjoy.

3) Flavor

If you’d like a stronger, more interesting flavor profile choose Extra Virgin olive oil, since the fragrance and flavor are more distinguished. Whereas if you’d like a milder, gentler taste choose a mild olive oil.

4) Bottle

Quality olive oil brands will package their Extra Virgin olive oil in dark glass (usually green glass) or metal, this is because the dark glass preserves freshness and flavor for longer. Look for dark bottles when buying extra virgin olive oil.

5) Source

Quality olive oil that is not only fresher, but also tastier, will almost always be grown and processed in the same country or at locations within close proximity to each other. When olives are harvested and processed in the same general area the quality and taste is much better, fresher and healthier. Look for single origin olive oils or oils that allow you to track the source of the oil. La Española olive oils meet this standard.

For more information you can read our Olive Oil guide.