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The Basic Ingredients in Any Spanish Pantry


The Mediterranean Diet has come to stay. Are you ready to get on board?

While olive oil generally originates from Spain or Italy, olive oil is found in the cuisines of many cultures around the world, and has certainly become widely used in American cuisine and by Americans, on account of olive oil’s versatility and its healthiness as an ingredient.
While you can incorporate olive oil into pretty much any style of cooking, if you’re interested in exploring Spanish cuisine, look no further than our recipe section on our website. 

We know you’ll really enjoy Spanish food, because it’s rich, healthy and satisfying. That means that the next thing you need to do is to stock your pantry with a few of the basics for Spanish cuisine, so that you can explore and experiment with Spanish flavors and recipes.

So, what would you typically find in a pantry in Spain?

Obviously, the number one thing is olive oil. No surprise there! But what else? What often distinguishes one type of cuisine from another is the way food is seasoned and flavored, for example particular herbs and spices are more prominent in Spanish cuisine than in French cuisine.
The spices, seasonings and flavor packed ingredients that you’ll want to keep on hand to give your recipes some Spanish flair are: pimentón (paprika), saffronpiquillo peppers and anchovies. Add to this list: manchego cheese. Pimentón is a smoked paprika that differs from the, often more common, Hungarian paprika, so make sure to get the Spanish style paprika.
Other ingredients you’ll often see come up in Spanish recipes, that are also commonly found in American pantries, are canned tuna, almonds and fresh tomatoes.
To source the most authentic ingredients search your local area for Spanish food shops or specialty stores or ask your grocer if they carry any imported Spanish foods.
The last and most important step is to have a party! Have fun organizing a Spanish-inspired dinner for family and friends to gather around and make delicious memories. And, make sure to tell us about it on our Facebook page.