Smoothie bowls are the beautiful cousin of smoothies drunk from a glass, because they are usually topped with beautiful (and healthy) ingredients like: pumpkin or chia seeds goji berries, fresh or dried fruit, and granola or trail mix.

The beautiful garnish not only makes the smoothie bowl more attractive to eat, but it also helps you make that smoothie a complete balanced meal, by adding whole food proteins from nuts and seeds, rather than using a powder supplement, and otherwise balancing the smoothie without changing the taste of your favorite recipe.

Healthy fats are an important part of everyone’s diet and smoothies are no exception. Try adding a tablespoon of La Espanola Extra Virgin Olive Oil to your smoothies and smoothie bowls, you will most likely not notice the taste at all, and you get the benefit of consuming the oil uncooked this way, which is optimally healthy.

To make a delicious and nutritious smoothie bowl we suggest:

1) Be creative and don’t worry about following a recipe. Smoothies are not a science, they are an art!
2) Use your favorite fruits for the base of the smoothie. People usually love strawberry or blueberry for the base.
3) Use bananas to thicken the smoothie or some other fruit that is not high water content. Alternatively add ice cubes to the blender to thicken it.
4) Add 1 tablespoon of La Espanola Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
5) Include a leafy green vegetable, if you are adventurous add some kale, if you don’t like the idea of greens try a piece of romaine or iceberg lettuce and you won’t notice the taste.
6) To keep sugars low use water to thin the smoothie, however some people prefer to use orange juice or almond milk.
7) Add healthy fibres and proteins to your smoothie bowl as garnish.

Have fun and make it beautiful, because we all know we eat with our eyes!