For over 175 years La Espanola Olive oil has added “Extra to Ordinary” for home cooks all over the world.

We are considered the first and oldest brand in Spain: we took our name in 1840 from the Spanish colony, La Española Island.

We have continued to develop and grow our brand – now available in more than 100 countries worldwide.

We landed in the UK in 2016 and nowadays you can find our wide range of olive oils on the shelves.

When you trust us you are trusting the only brand who is able to retrace the journey of its olive oil from the British table to the Spanish grove

The high quality of our olive oil – 100% Spanish olive juice – and the transparency in our production processes are the indicators of our success

We work daily to adapt our products to the British tastes and help them to enjoy the numerous healthy benefits of our ‘liquid gold’.

With La Española Olive Oil you can savour the essence of the Mediterranean diet in every dish.

Taste it for yourself!

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