How can you have family time that will be able to adapt to any winter weather condition? The possibilities are endless but we’re going to give you some of our favorites.


  • Get in the Kitchen: Cooking is an important life skill and kids love to be helpers. Getting in the kitchen as a family lets your kids build the fundamental cooking skills they’ll need once they’re in college or adults and enjoy the fruits of their labor in the process. With thousands of recipes at your fingertips, the possibilities are infinite. Whether it’s a savory meal or the chemistry involved in baking, it will be a good way to make the most of being inside. Since it’s possible to make a lot of baked goods with olive oil, you can also add a healthy kick to your final products. If you’re looking to make a competition out of it, you could get inspired by the Great British Bake Off and divide the family up to decide who makes the best baked good, whether it be cookies, pies, or even cake. For savory foods you could convert the competitive environment into Top Chef. To get a Padma and Tom to judge the final product, invite some neighbors over to give their unbiased opinion. No matter what you decide to whip up, La Española Olive Oil can be an integral part of your family cooking adventures.

  • Make a Movie: You heard that right. You don’t need to be Steven Spielberg of George Lucas to be a director, and all with the magic of smartphones. With so many apps available making a home movie closer to what you’d see in theaters is more of a reality. If you use Snapchat, you can download your Story as a video file. But if you’re looking to make something of a nearly Hollywood-like final product, then you’re in luck. Apple’s iMovie software is available as an app for iPhone, iPad, and iPad touch, so if you’re an experienced movie maker on your computer you can simply adapt to a smaller medium. Other apps specialize in specific film features that you can then put together. Instagram’s Hyperlapse app, which you can download for free, can shoot up to 45 minutes of time-lapse footage. Since the only option available on Hyperlapse is shoot, by giving your kids control of your phone you let them get full control of the product. Stop Motion Studio lets you create movies by stringing photos together; while the app is free to download, there are some features like green screens that you can go ahead and purchase separately. And if you want to turn your child into the next Godzilla, then Action Movie Fx, from JJ Abrams’s production company Bad Robot, is an app you’ll definitely want to have for your film shoot. For other app suggestions, check out these recommended apps from the The Guardian (here there are 10). If you want 20 more options, check out another list from The Guardian.  

  • Get Crafty at Game Time: Looking to unplug? Then a craft project or playing board games is another option for the family. If you have a printer at home with extra paper and scissors that are kid-friendly, you can make snowflakes with cut-outs. While it’s incredibly simple it’s something that never goes out of style, even in the digital age. If you want to do something more avant-garde, then there are plenty of ideas you can get on social media. One of our favorites is Family Fun Crafts, which has a MASSIVE library of possible activities for kids of any age. They also have an email list where you can sign up for updates on new craft ideas straight to your inbox. As for games, choose one that you enjoyed when you were little so you can pass the love down to the next generation. Will it be The Game of Life, Monopoly, Twister? Or something else? If you decide to have a tournament, you can use a moviemaking app or even Facebook Live to give the full play-by-play of the action going on at home!



  • Go on Location: If making a movie sounds like something you want to do, the apps we suggested above can also work for on location shoots. Whether you decide to make a movie about a monster that comes out in Florida thunderstorms or the Abominable Snowman, then taking your smartphone outside to make your kids’ dreams come true.

  • Hit the Slopes: Going to your local mountain for a day or weekend of skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing is an extremely popular option in areas where there’s a lot of snow. You and your kids can take lessons for a bit if you’re beginners, and if you happen to be experienced pros you can then go out on your own.

  • Play in the Snow: Build a snowman in the yard or go sledding. Sometimes the simple pleasures are the best ones.

  • Go for a Hike: For those of you who live in milder climates where there’s no snow, going to state or national parks is a great way to enjoy nature with your family. With cooler temperatures and less heat and humidity, the conditions can be more pleasant to enjoy the spaces. Plus, there won’t be as many crowds so you can truly enjoy nature and the tranquility it provides

  • Go Ice Skating: If you live near an outdoor rink, then you’re in luck because it’s another way to enjoy the great outdoors. If not, an indoor rink also does the trick. Since skating rinks can be found all over the country, don’t be afraid of having to miss out because you’re in Tampa, Houston, or LA.

Now go have fun!