It might be the Halftime Show, who this year will see Lady Gaga take the stage or the commercials. But the other main attraction is what’s on our coffee tables or on the buffets: the snacks.  


And snacks are kind of a big deal. In fact, the average American will consume 2,400 calories worth of snacks on Super Bowl Sunday. If that alarms youth, there’s a shocking fact that there is hope. While we normally think of chicken wings, nachos, and pizza as the staples on a Super Bowl coffee table, the most popular snacks are vegetables. Yes, vegetable trays and baby carrots are what most Americans tend to munch on. And according to a 2015 article, Harry Balzer from NPD noted that the most popular snack over the past three decades were vegetables, in this case vegetable trays and baby carrots.


So this is great and all but when we think of vegetable trays the most ubiquitous dip to go with them is ranch dressing or ranch dip. And ranch is not exactly the healthiest condiment. Considering the fact that its ingredients include mayonnaise and buttermilk, it’s not the most health-friendly condiment. But there are alternatives. One of the easiest dips you could put on your vegetable tray contain olive oil.


An incredibly simple one would to be to put out some La Española Extra Virgin Olive Oil in your dip bowl. To go with the olive oil you can create a seasoned salt blend of your choosing. This would require sea salt and mixing herbs like rosemary and time. For that added touch would to season with some pepper. On game day, all your diners have to do is take some vegetables onto a plate, and then drizzle them with some olive oil and sea salt. They’ll find it incredibly delicious and much friendlier on your wasteline.


If that’s too much of a departure from a heavier ranch or your favorite dips, tzatziki sauce includes extra virgin olive oil as a key ingredient. If you have some lowfat Greek yogurt lying around, then all you need to go along with it are some peeled cucumbers, juice from half a lemon, a clove of garlic, and some dill (along with salt and pepper to taste), and you’ve got a dip that’s perfect for your vegetable tray that’s becoming more and more popular.


Can healthy swaps move beyond the vegetable tray? Of course! Instead of buying chicken wings, it’s easy to make your own. If it’s warm enough to grill, you can take a your favorite rub and mix with olive oil to create a paste to coat on your wings before putting them on the grill. If it’s too cold, you’ll just have to go and pop them in the oven. And naturally, that tzatziki sauce can also go with your wings along with your vegetable dip.


Super Bowl Sunday doesn’t have to involve an insane 2,400 calorie consumption. We’re sure that these easy swaps, and many more, can help you have a Super Bowl Sunday where you won’t regret what you’ve eaten!