For the foodies in your life, you have a few great options to highlight gifts that will tingle their taste buds. One is the ubiquitous Christmas stocking; many families include food items, and certainly the more special ones, among the stocking stuffers on Christmas morning. Another is for any Secret Snowflake/Santa gift (it all depends on what your office or group of friends decides to call it). But there’s another tradition that both Americans and Spaniards share that are a perfect avenue for giving for foodie gift-giving: holiday baskets.


La Española’s Gourmet Olive is a perfect component of any stocking or holiday gift basket for your foodies. Made with 100% manzanilla olives (these are the olives that you’ll most often see inside your martini or stuffed with peppers, and in some cases, blue cheese), this olive’s intense color and fruity aroma allows for the oil to give the best flavor tones for the most discriminate foodie’s palate. The idea is for this olive oil to be a complementary accent to any recipe rather than overpower it. This makes Gourmet an ideal olive oil as the base for all of your holiday meals and other special occasions.


Now, with Secret Santa/Snowflake gifts and stockings, it’s pretty easy. You just go to the nearest grocery store or market that stocks La Española Gourmet, you wrap it all nice and pretty, and you’re good to go. But, with the basket, how can you complement it?


We have two homemade basket suggestions that work with La Española Gourmet:


  • Spanish Gastronomic Basket: Spanish cuisine has finally been getting the worldwide recognition, particularly in the US, that it deserves. Along with a bottle of La Española Gourmet, you can include some of Spain’s biggest gastronomic exports to the world. On the savory side, you can include: Serrano or Iberian ham, chorizo, pimentón (Spanish smoked paprika from Extremadura), any of the numerous varieties of Spanish cheese such as Manchego and Mahón, picos (breadsticks from Andalucía), membrillo paste that is often served with cheese, and salt from Ibiza. As for sweet items to include, you can some tortas de aceite (a typical pastry made with olive oil), Spanish chocolates, and turrón (almond candy that comes in multiple varieties typically eaten around Christmas time).

  • Olive Oil Basket: Our other gourmet basket idea is to base the theme all around olive oil. The basket could include, as an accompaniment to La Española Gourmet Olive Oil, one of the numerous Spanish vinegars that are available in the US market. One of our favorites, sherry vinegar, is fantastic for a vinaigrette. With some gourmet sea salt, and a fantastic loaf of bread, you’ll have a simply elegant basket that will let your foodie create fantastic meals for him or herself and guests.

Remember, giving is fun, and you can always treat yourself to an extra bottle to get in on the fun.