Did you know there’s a simple way to discover the truth about olive oil? Taste it! Once you’ve tasted Spanish olive oil, you will understand why it is considered the best in the world! 


Quality & Versatility

- Extra virgin olive oil is healthy and ideal for any diet.
- Renowned American chef Seamus Mullen says he uses olive oil in all his preparations: “It’s fundamental”


- 7 out of 10 international olive oil awards have been won by Spanish olive oils.
- Oleologist and former olive oil judge, Nicholas Coleman, has remarked that Spanish olive oil wins year after year, and in all categories!

Production & Extension

- Spain has the ideal land for growing olive oil, with an expansive area dedicated to growing olives. 
- Paul Vossen, Farm Advisor in California, has found that the climate and soil are the reasons Spain is the world leader in olive oil.

Health & Antioxidants

- Consuming olive oil improves your long-term quality of life.
- Lisa Hayim, Nutritious Life Ambassador, has said that the antioxidants in olive oil help prevent damage to our cells and, in turn, adds longevity to human life.

Cardiovascular Health

- Consuming Spanish olive oil reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
- Cardiologist at Columbia University, Dr. Mitchell Fishbach, has said that olive oil consumption as part of a Mediterranean diet can reduce risk of cardiovascular mortality and stroke by up to 30%!

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