At La Española we like to be helpful in and outside the kitchen. Want to improve your Spanish vocabulary? We’ve created some fun graphics to help you learn Spanish food-related words through humorous idioms. Here are 6 of our favorites:


1) You can use the phrase "Es pan comido " when want to express that something is really easy.


2) You can use the phrase "Esta hecho un fideo" to describe someone or something that is thin, like a long, fine noodle.

3) Try using "Pedirle peras al olmo" when you ask someone to do the impossible like reaching for the moon.


4) You can say "Ponerse como un tomate" the next time someone blushes.


5) You can use “Me han dado calabazas “ to explain to someone that you’ve been given the brush off.


6) “Tiene mala uva” is perfect to use to describe someone's bad mood.