Whether you start early as the stars walk on the red carpet meticulously scrutinizing every single detail of every ball gown or wait for the ceremonies to start at 8;00 Eastern (or most likely a few minutes after because they may not always start on time), it’s certainly the talk of social media that night and in front of your water cooler the morning after. If


And of course, watching the awards isn’t complete without something to munch on. We certainly believe that you can up the ante on Oscar night with some glamor on your plate. And olive oil is a fantastic partner to do it.


At the heart of any celebration of movies should be popcorn. While in the throes of our incredibly easy lives the easiest thing to do is make popcorn in the microwave, it’s easy to make yourself. You can use La Española Mild & Light instead of canola or grapeseed oil to pop kernels in your pot. Even if you’re not game for making popcorn by yourself, olive oil can be the key ingredient in any seasoning.


If you want to bring Spanish flavor to your popcorn, we’ve got some ideas:


  • You can dress your popcorn with La Española Gourmet and grate manchego or any other Spanish cheese on top.

  • When you pop your popcorn, you can use add pimentón (smoked paprika popular in Spanish cuisine) to the olive oil.


If you want something besides popcorn, using olive oil to roast almonds (the Marcona variety is a personal favorite on Spanish tables) or any other type of nut could be another way to integrate olive oil.  Moving on from popcorn, you can also take out some La Española Gourmet to dip into some bread or to bake kale chips with. And of course, you can have a handy vegetable tray handy with the olive oil dip from Super Bowl Sunday or by making an alioli, a traditional condiment from the Catalonia region near Barcelona that’s essentially a garlic and extra virgin olive oil emulsion. When made with eggs, it looks just like mayonnaise and is perfectly for a vegetable tray, to dress potatoes, or even to put on top of your hot dog.


If nachos are another one of your favorite movie snacks, you’ll need some olive oil as you put the tortilla chips on the skillet.

But let’s remember that in Hollywood the stars are constantly taking care of themselves because for them it’s an imperative. While we want to indulge ourselves, we still need to balance out our consumption of popcorn, nachos, hot dogs, and candy with some healthier options. For starters, salads are ideal for La Española olive oil, whether you choose to use our Extra Virgin or Gourmet variety. If you’re looking to elevate your salad level, our gourmet olive oil will go well with a more obscure vinegar that will create a dressing to liven up your greens. And since olive oil can be used in a swath of cooking preparations, it will be perfect for the delicious piece of meat, poultry, or fish that could be served later into the evening after snacks. But we think you should indulge your palate just as the celebrities will on Hollywood’s biggest night. You’ll end up winning dinner, even if you don’t go home with your very own Oscar statuette.