In today’s post, the La Española team have put together our top three snacks that are perfectly paired with all your favourite sports, and perfectly shared with all your favourite people. 

But first, let’s kick off this blog post by saying how thrilled we are to have been working with Betis recently. Yes, that Betis - Real Betis Balompié. If you’ve been watching La Liga you may have seen La Española coming up on some of the screens during the matches. We’ve also had the chance to put our olive oils to the test and serve up some delicious dishes for the players. Needless to say they went down a treat! Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for more on this as the story develops. 

Now, back to the food we promised you...

Is your goal to serve up some mid-match munchies for your mates? Then here's a hat trick of Spanish snacks that are absolutely in league of their own. Seriously easy to make, and seriously satisfying to eat, it’s no wonder that these dishes are amongst our all-time fan faves.


1) Tackle the tasty tortilla de patatas!

With a classic dish like this on your side you are definitely onto a winner. The terrific tortilla de patatas will be popular among people of all ages. As hearty and healthy as it is iconic - if you haven’t got a Spanish Omelette recipe up your sleeve then that needs sorting out ASAP! 

Do you have spare packets of crisps lying around? One tidy play that we like to make is substituting the potatoes in the recipe for some crisps! Why not give it a go, put the tortilla chips in the tortilla - you’ll save on time AND washing up! 

Prepare your tortilla de patatas -->

2) Patatas Bravas saving you from halftime hunger!

The key to patatas bravas is picking the right oil. Yes, we would say that, but it’s so true! You’ll want an oil that creates perfect crispiness and brings a beautiful golden brown finish, but one that also adds a little something to the flavour. That’s where La Española Extra Virgin Olive Oil really excels. 

Want expert advice from our team of seasoned foodies? Don’t underestimate how popular these are going to be among your guests! Sometimes the best game plan is to make an extra portion...or two! 

Prepare you patatas bravas --->

3) A extra special Torrijas for any sport

Taking you from savoury to sweet, next in our line-up of Spanish snacks is our tasty torrijas. Torrijas can be prepared in a number of ways, but we’ve gone with honey, lemon and cinnamon - a truly superb combination!

It’s sometimes described as a form of French toast but this eggy bread is Spanish through and through, especially when treated to a little love from La Española’s Light In Colour Olive Oil. This is the perfect oil for frying due to its ability to be heated to high temperatures.

Prepare your torrijas --->

They think it’s all over...but what’s this! Another snack! FOUR snacks from the La Española team! 

4) Cheeky cheesecake for afterwards

What better way to end a match than with cake? In fact, what better way to end anything than with cake?! Especially one of our deliciously dense cheesecakes with a super crumbly base. Whether you’re spectating or playing, and whether you’re celebrating a glorious victory or commiserating an all-too-close defeat, our cheesecake recipe will be sure to knock your socks off. 

The trick is to swap out the butter in the recipe for a decent dose of La Española Light In Colour Olive Oil. This lighter olive oil provides a smoother, richer finish and, being packed with good fats, is healthier than butter too. Overall, our olive oil makes for a very smarter substitution and a winning result. 

Prepare your cheesecake --->

What snacks do you serve up while you’re watching your team? 

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