This can come in many forms - whether it’s knowing the source of your food, taking your time when eating, or eating organically. Luckily, the folks over at Organic September have got that part covered

Organic September sets out to promote organic produce and food, and the producers and farms who grow and cultivate this food. Organic food has to follow a strict set of standards. Not any old foodstuff can be labelled organic. All organic farms and food companies are inspected at least once a year.  This ensures that the high standards are upkept.

Did you know? Organic food is available in over 8,000 locations in the UK! This includes supermarkets, independent retailers, the internet, and cafes and restaurants. Here are a few ways you can join in Organic September!

Choose organic versions of staples - British favourites like baked beans and spaghetti have organic counterparts that are clearly labeled in the supermarket. They’re also a comparable price so you can eat organically on a budget.

Eat seasonally - The foundations of many meals - carrots, potatoes, and onions - are harvested in September and are readily available. Picking them up in September, when they’re in season, means they are cheaper and fresher, too. Stock up and freeze any cooked or sliced batches and save them for soups and stews all winter long.

Looking for a meal of only organic foods? Look no further than these beautiful dishes. Click on each image for the full recipe.


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