It may be named ‘Taste’ of London but the capital’s favourite food festival is truly a feast for all the senses. The first few things we noticed upon entering the courtyard to Tobacco Dock were the beautifully constructed stalls and festive displays, set against an excited soundtrack of chitchat from fellow foodies. Then the smell hit us...oh yes, the smell, greeting guests with a magical medley of sweet and savoury, all the flavours of the rainbow, and whispering a promise of the tasty goodness to come!


Doors opened and, once inside the historic venue, visitors hurried to pre-planned destinations, rushing to be the first to sample the delicious dishes on offer. With our all new brand immersion room proudly presented on the upper ground floor, it wasn’t long before guests started to venture in, hungry for an authentic taste of 100% Spanish olive oil. 

“We love the room, it's the warmest and most homely at Taste”

Throughout the weekend, olive oil lovers and lifelong fans of Spanish cuisine were drawn to La Española’s authentic Spanish cooking demonstrations, led masterfully by Tapas Revolution Chefs Omar Allibhoy and Daniel Campos. It was a brilliant opportunity for the audience to see how to best use the different La Española Olive Oils in their everyday cooking. 

If you’d like inspiration on what to do with each of the olive oils in our range then take a look at our aptly-titled blog post, ‘What should I do with my La Española Olive Oil?

Served up by our experts in Spanish cuisine were delicious dishes from all over Spain. From mouth-watering and massively popular garlic mushrooms cooked in La Espanola Pure Olive Oil and finished in Flavoured Truffle Oil, to an award-winning aioli blended to perfection with our Light In Colour Olive Oil. By far the fan favourite from the event was the vegan vegetable paella, cooked to perfection and shared out with more than a handful of helpful tips and tricks!                                                    

Here’s what you had to say:

- “The demonstration was great I have never been confident with paella, but you have answered all my questions.”

- “The truffle oil gives this dish such depth.”

- “This was so quick and easy. Perfect for a starter dish with friends.” 

- “I could eat those mushrooms every day! What a simple, delicious dish.” 

The La Española team are delighted to have presented our gorgeous oils at such an event alongside top chefs, an ensemble of London’s finest eateries, and some of our most-loved brands. When La Española Olive Oil launched in the UK, we wanted to bring our ‘Live like a local’ spirit to the people. We’ve now become the fastest growing oil brand in the UK by inspiring and exciting British food lovers, with the authentic taste of Spain.

And with La Española DIY, the experience is made all the more personal! The innovative new tool allows you to completely customise your olive oil order, making it perfect for giving as a gift or matching your kitchen. La Española DIY’s personalised Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also ideal for professional businesses looking to put their own spin on their table-tops.

“DIY option is a good idea, a great Christmas gift!”

Overall, we hope you enjoyed Taste of London as much as we did! If you have any questions or comments then please feel free to get in touch. We are always on hand to share our best advice, recipes and top tips! Now, who’s ready for next time?

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