Wondering what the hot new food and drinks will be in 2019, don’t worry, we’ve got your back!


1) Virtual Kitchens

With home delivery growing ever bigger one big food trend to keep an eye on is the virtual kitchen, these places aren’t open for customers to go and eat in, and simply offer food for delivery. Usually they are hyper-specialised and focus on culinary niches – with low overheads it’s no wonder that ever more are popping up, especially in big cities, utilising data to spot what is in demand in certain locations. It’s not unusual now to see already existing restaurants utilising their existing space to create extra revenue by adding a spin off virtual brand.


The vegan and vegetarian market is growing rapidly and will continue to do so, part fuelled by people wanting to eat healthier and part fuelled by being ethical and better for the environment, as we look to decrease C02 emissions and halt climate change expect a vegan lifestyle to play a major part in many peoples lives. As for the food itself, expect to see improved flavours of fake meat, more selections, more vegan cafes and restaurants and more vegan options appearing at your fave local takeaway or supermarket.

Regional Flavours

Local, global, and regional tastes are busily influencing flavour trends with more stores and producers seeing greater interest in regional flavours, we’ve seen this already with fun regional variations on popular products – think Walkers Crisps – and we expect to see more and more varieties cropping up, whether it’s cola drinks, ice cream, hot sauces, or flavours that enable us to put on our rose tinted glasses and take us back to happier childhood times.

Low Sugar and Natural Sweeteners

Once again low sugar and natural sweeteners will continue to see growth in 2019 as people look towards healthier lifestyles and healthier varieties of the food they consume, unlike in the past where low sugar or sugar free varieties lacked the taste of the product we were use to advances in technologies and manufacturing techniques are allowing for ever great quality of products which offer the taste we desire and recognise. Meanwhile natural sweeteners like honey and agave offer a more ethical or healthier alternative. Expect to see more organic produce utilising natural sweeteners in 2019 and expect to see ever more variety.

Pacific Rim Flavours

Organic supermarket Whole Foods is predicting 2019 will be the year of flavours from Asia, Oceania and the western coasts of North and South America. With people becoming more willing to try new foods and flavours they’re predicting that ingredients such as shrimp paste and cuttlefish will start to appear on our plates, whilst what they term vibrant tropical fruits, such as passion fruit, guava, and dragon fruit will start to compete with our staples of bananas and apples – expect to see these appearing in smoothies and mocktails. Jackfruit, meanwhile, which resembles pulled pork, and is already a popular hipster vegan meat alternative, is expected to become more mainstream.

Of course, these are just a few predicted trends for 2019, we could sit here all day writing an ever-increasing list but the five above are some of the ones we’re most passionate about watching during 2019. What food trends do you expect to see in 2019? Let us know on our Facebook page!