Our great-great grandparents could never have imagined the classic, much-loved mash-up sandwich filling of peanut butter and jam - salty-sweet PB&J - but this is now an everyday flavour combination for us. Thanks to globalization, we are becoming increasingly familiar with unusual combos imported from other cultures, countries and continents.

Such combos are ever more adventurous and exotic these days, and the ideas always more creative and exciting to cater to our demanding tastes.

But it takes some experimenting to find your new PB&J, chocolate and chilli, or oh-so-trendy salted caramel. La Española Olive Oil has some suggestions for unusual food combinations to tempt your palate: be warned, you may find yourself craving quince dipped in olive oil and sprinkling salt on every chocolate dessert. Try them and let us know what you think, and tell us your own flavour combo ideas too.

1) Salami and grapes

Take a slice of toast, drizzle on some La Española Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), layer with salami, and eat with some grapes. The perfect tapa - simple, quick and extremely tasty!

2) Quince paste, mozzarella and honey

On a slice of rye bread, drizzle a tbsp of La Española EVOO, layer sliced mozzarella cheese and quince paste (membrillo in Spanish), and top with a little runny honey.

3) Salt and pepper on apple

Cut the apple and sprinkle on salt and pepper to taste. You’ll be amazed how the seasoning brings out the flavour.

4) Vanilla ice-cream and soy sauce

An exotic finish to your meal: put two scoops of vanilla ice-cream on a dessert plate and pour some soy sauce over it. A new take on the salty-sweet trend.

5) Brie and jam

Put some brie on a slice of brown bread previously drizzled with La Española EVOO. Then spread raspberry jam on the next slice and create your weird combo sandwich. Tastes much better than you’d expect - honest.

6) Marmite and cheese

This a perfect busy-bee, time-saving option for the marmite-lovers among us. Boil pasta, adding salt and La Española Light Olive oil to the water. Once cooked and drained, put it in a bowl, drizzle over 1 tbsp La Española EVOO and 1 - 2 tsp of marmite. Spread grated cheese on top.

7) Banana and honey

A boost of energy and very healthy: pour a little honey on 1 or 2 peeled bananas. Easy and sweet indulgence!

8) Grilled cheese and apple sauce

Place two slices of mild cheddar cheese on a slice of lightly-toasted brown bread drizzled with some La Española EVOO. Grill until the cheese is melted. Spread a little apple sauce on another slice of toast. A great appetizer or lunch.

Which is your favourite of these flavour combinations? We’d love to hear from you!