Spring is here! Although sometimes comes with ups and downs... If the weather is inclement, you don't like getting plagued by ants or insects or you just feel like it, why not have an indoor picnic? Have a change from sitting at the dining room table or using trays in front of the TV. Here we give you a few nice ideas for a perfect picnic indoors:

Look for the nicest spot in the house.

The lounge floor is good. Dine in your conservatory, get under the dining room table or set up in the kitchen. You can picnic in a bedroom if you wish. Any room with enough floor space and a comfy floor to sit on will work.

Create the perfect atmosphere!

Whether you are planning a picnic with your partner or with your friends, create a nice setting. If you go for a night picnic, give it a romantic touch and light candles or install decorative lights. If it´s a lunch picnic, try to have as much daylight as possible, although it´s cloudy outside. 

Go for classic elements:

blanket, picnic basket, plastic cups, napkins... Try all the elements to match in colour and style. Lay out your picnic blankets whichever these are coming from... You can use a purpose made one or any rug or blanket that can be cleaned if required. Have cushions to sit on if you like. 

Bring up character to your picnic food!

Theme the food if you like. You can have a warming picnic with hot soup and warm rolls, or a summer picnic with all the classics: sandwiches, quiche, sausage rolls, salads –always dressed with La Española Extra Virgin olive oil, a drop of vinegar, salt and pepper! Mmmmm… Yummy!-, pork pies, scotch eggs, chips and dips, etcetera...  They are all ideal items. Add also a bit of sweet! Tarts, cookies, fresh seasonal fruit, jellies, even cupcakes... There are great options out there! You pick. Going for a romantic theme? Choose red as a colour theme! Wanting to play with fancy customs? Go for a cinema theme. Imagination is power! Use it...