Do you have a fling for tradition every now and then? For some of us following traditions is a choice, sometimes it is an occasion to show off or it is just that one-off compulsory thing that you have to do once per year, when a celebration is coming.

Don't be worry if you missed the opportunity to impress neighbours during that Queen Elizabeth's Official Birthday´s street party, there will be other opportunities for you to shine with your baking skills. Father´s Day? Notting Hill Carnival?

One of those traditions that will remain in our memory forever is our grandma's fruit cake. There are as many versions of this cake as countries, but... why don't you get yourself in the kitchen to explore your passion for baking with a twist on the traditional fruit cake?

Lovers of easy cooking but healthy and sweet, read carefully!


Short Crust dough roll –look for it at any supermarket fridge-, ready to use custard, fresh seasonal fruit –strawberry, kiwi and banana is a good combination-, water, La Española Light Olive Oil, sugar and neutral gelatine.


  1. Cover the mould with baking paper or use a spoon of La Española Light Olive Oil and rub the mould with it covering all surface –purpose: to get the pastry out of the mould easily-. Trick for future Baking Stars: It is important to put some weight on it to keep it flat. Most of the supermarkets sell bags of little fake peas for that purpose. Use them!  

  2. Once that’s done, put it into a preheated oven (follow shortcrust dough package instructions for timing). Once is getting brown, take it out and cool it down.  

  3. Meantime, you could slice your chosen fruit and open the tin/carton of your ready-to-use custard. And here we go! Over a thick layer of custard covering the baked dough, set the sliced fruit following a regular pattern or go abstract… Up to you!

  4. Finally, the professional touch: to glaze the fruit with jelly. Normally instructions for preparing it are displayed on the package. Basically, you need to heat up some water (100 ml), add sugar (two tablespoons) and neutral gelatine content. When the liquid is thickening slightly it is time to glaze the fruit cake.

  5. Leave it cooling down in the fridge for two hours, just next to the champagne bottle!