Here at La Española we like to think that we eat, sleep and breathe Olive Oil… okay, maybe not those last two, but you could say that Olive Oil is in our blood. It’s certainly part of our lifestyle, not to mention our history.


La Española can trace its name back to 1840, coming from the former Spanish Colony of the same name which is now better known as Haiti and the Dominican Republic - which was originally founded by Christopher Columbus. His son Hernando began Olive Oil production in the 16th century at the Hacienda Guzman in Seville, the Guzman factory went on to become the largest Olive Oil factory in the world.

The La Española Olive Oil company still owns that factory, and whilst we still use natural and historical sources, we all also like to innovate, producing the widest range of Edible Oils available on the market today.

Because of stable and ancient traditions Spain is today supplying the world with 60% of its Olive Oil, and Andalucía, where La Española Olive Oil company is based, accounts for three quarters of Spanish olive production. The Andalusian province of Jaén generates more Olive Oil than the whole of Greece, and La Española Olive Oils comes from olives grown in these famed Andalucía fields.

So, you have some sense of our history, but what are the benefits of using our Olive Oil?

There are many potential health benefits of Olive Oil and its consumption as part of a healthy diet, here at La Española we recommend it as part of a Mediterranean style diet which we’ve previously written about here.

Studies have also indicated that a higher proportion of monounsaturated fats in your diet may be linked with a reduction in the risk of heart disease, whilst there’s evidence that regular use of Olive Oil may lower the risk of several chronic diseases. Olive Oil has also been shown to contribute to the maintenance of normal blood LDL-cholesterol levels.

But that’s not all the benefits, there’s the fact that a healthy and balanced diet infused with Olive Oil is also a delicious diet, Olive Oil can enhance meals in so many ways. And let’s not forget, you can also exchange butter for Olive Oil when cooking and baking too; check out our rather handy conversion guide here

Here at La Española we pride ourselves on the quality of our Olive Oil, after all, it is extra virgin. To find out how the olives get from the Spanish grove to the British table top take a read of our blog post here.

So, how about our Olive Oils? Well, we have a few varieties. Whether you need an Olive Oil that’s perfect for grilling and roasting or adding those finishing touches and extra zest to salads, dips and soups, we have you covered

You can find out more information about our different Olive Oils here. One of the best things though about our Olive Oils is that they come with a non-drip pourer, a real-life saver in the modern hectic family kitchen. 

All our Olive Oils are available at your nearest Sainsbury's, Waitrose and even online at Amazon and you can keep up with our latest news, competitions, and promotions on our Facebook page.